Care Advice

UN AIR PARISIEN jewellery is made of brass covered with a layer of 24 carat gold of one micron thickness. And to preserve it even better we have applied a thin film of cataphoresis varnish so that its shine and gilding remain intact as long as possible. That's why we guarantee UN AIR PARISIEN jewellery for 6 months!

Nevertheless, here are a few tips to ensure a longer life for your jewellery:

Even if your items of jewellery are made from the most noble materials to better accompany you wherever you go, water, perfume, chemicals or cosmetics are not their best friends. Indeed, these may actually damage their shine. That's why we advise you to only put on your jewellery after your beauty session and to remove it before taking a shower.

Consider removing your jewellery at bedtime very so often, to make it last even longer. Our small organic cotton pouches are our jewellery's friends. They will protect it from light and humidity. Remember to use them when you are not wearing your jewellery and when travelling. They will even prevent your jewellery from getting tangled. Finally, to clean your jewellery, a soft, dry cloth is  enough to revive the shine of gold, which develops a slight patina over time.